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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have significant impacts on the mental health of people across the Region, and on mental health systems and services. In spite of its tragedy, the pandemic is an opportunity for countries to build back better and fairer using transformational approaches.

The Pan American Health Organization has established the High-level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19 to support the Organization and its Member States in improving and strengthening mental health across the Americas, both during the pandemic and for the future.

The Commission is composed of diverse representatives from health, social and political organizations, academia, civil society, and people with lived experience. Its mission is to develop guidance and recommendations to advance mental health in the Region, which will be presented in a final report.

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The Pan American Health Organization High-level Commission on Mental Health and COVID-19 has developed a report called "New Agenda for Mental Health in the Americas" (NAMHA). The report is a package of priority mental health policy and strategic actions that are crafted for incorporation into countries’ post-pandemic recovery strategies.

NAMHA outlines 10 recommendations with corresponding action points and case examples from the Americas that highlight successful models to guide implementation. NAMHA presents evidence-based approaches to address the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic in the short term while laying robust foundations for the longer term to ensure optimal improvements in mental health care in the Region of the Americas.  

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